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Can Brushing Your Teeth Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Cardiovascular Disease?

Anyone who doesn’t brush their teeth at least twice a day is at increased risk of developing heart disease according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. Although many studies have shown that periodontal disease is linked to the hardening of the arteries, this was the first study to investigate whether or not there was a link between the number of times a person brushes their teeth each day and their risk of developing heart disease.

This particular study looked at data collected from 11,000 adults who had taken part in the Scottish Health Survey. This study was particularly relevant to the Scottish population as the incidence of cardiovascular disease is quite high. The survey asked individuals about their lifestyle behaviours including physical activity, oral health routines and whether or not they smoked. They were also asked how frequently they visited their dentist and how often they cleaned their teeth. Additional information included their medical history, and whether or not there was a family history of heart disease and blood pressure problems.

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