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What Do Patients Say About Periowave™?

One of the things we enjoy most is hearing the stories of people we’ve helped. Periowave’s been used over 100,000 times on thousands of patients all over the world, and we’ve helped them greatly improve their oral health. Yes, gum disease is not a hot topic like cancer, AIDS, or diabetes, but it’s certainly an issue that many people struggle with. In this video, patients of Periowave share how this technology has helped improve their oral health. So, check it out!

Congratulations to Leanne Carlson On 30 Amazing Years As A Dental Hygienist

Wow, how time flies! Today we celebrate Leanne’s 30th anniversary as a dental hygienist. This is an amazing milestone that few have managed to reach. I have had the great fortune of working with her for the past few years , and I can tell you from firsthand experience, Leanne is an amazing person.

I first met Leanne a little over two years ago, and immediately took a liking to her after she had brought home-baked cookies for everyone in the office. At the time, I was still an intern, and after all the wonderful stories I had heard, was quite nervous about meeting her. But Leanne is an absolute joy to be around. After seeing me at my corner desk, she made the long walk over to me, introduced herself, and insisted that I take one of her delicious home-baked cookies. I thought to myself “Wow, she’s super cool!”

Leanne Carlson w/ Dr. Claude Ibbott

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Universal Programs To Prevent Gum Disease Are Well Worth The Effort

From my observations, many people tend to be passive participants, leaving their oral health in the hands of their dental practitioners. Most people go to their dental clinic expecting that the dentist alone can prevent the onslaught of gum disease, abdicating their home care diligence in favour of bi-annual dental checkups. One dentist I know likes to use this phrase to coax patients into improving their oral hygiene practice at home: “Only brush & floss the teeth you want to keep!” While this phrase is always guaranteed to get a smile out of the patients, unfortunately, it makes light of a very serious issue. Tooth loss, after all, is not the most significant potential outcome of gum disease. In fact, gum disease has long been linked and associated with serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, pre-term births and others.

Given the list of unpleasant symptoms of gum disease that are both socially undesirable and physically painful:
1) Red, swollen, and puffy gums
2) Horribly bad breath
3) Bleeding gum tissue
4) Tooth and bone loss

…it is truly a wonder to me, that in this day and age, gum disease is still the most common human disease in the world, affecting ~75% of the adult population even in North America.

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Day 2: Periowave Live-Blogging From The 2012 Pacific Dental Conference!

5:31pm: And that’s a wrap!!! We did it!  This years PDC has been our best performance yet. We convinced a whole lot of people of the value of PeriowaveTM and how it will help their patients. We had a blast doing it too. Thank you to everyone for reading our live-blog. The PDC has officially come to a close and the PeriowaveTM team had an amazing time. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back again next time at the JDIQ. Until then, to get more updates from the team, don’t forget to visit this blog and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too. Have a great night!!

The Periowave Team had a blast at the PDC! From Left: Peter Geimer, Linda O'Connor, Maria Castro, Leonie Markhorst, Kristine McKinnon, Tom Dawson. Absent: Michelle Janke and Leanne Carlson (they're on a flight back home!)

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Periowave is live blogging from the 2012 Pacific Dental Conference!

6:03pm – And we’re done! Day 1 of the PDC is officially over and it was amazing. As exhausted as we are, the team had a fantastic day selling product, booking office visits, and educating dental professionals about PeriowaveTM. Now it’s time for us to head back to our hotel rooms, freshen up, and meet up later for a team-building dinner. Stay tuned to our blog tomorrow as we’ll bring you more updates live from day 2 of the PDC. A dentist told me there is an “Oxygen Bar” somewhere in the exhibit hall… I’ll have to find it tomorrow and post a pic.

Leanne and Maria pose at the end of day 1 of the PDC! Can't wait for tomorrow.

5:44pm – Only 15 mins to go! Day 1 of the PDC is winding down, but not before Leanne talks to more dentists about her implant case studies. It’s always interesting to see Leanne educate dentists about how they can improve their patient outcomes with PeriowaveTM. We’ve  just booked this gentleman in for a Lunch and Learn!

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Periowave™ On The Move In 2012

2012 begins with significant momentum for Periowave Dental Technologies, Inc. We have evolved and continue our commitment to superior customer care, innovation and expansion of Periowave™ and Photodynamics worldwide. We are re-organizing for a renewed global re-launch of Periowave™. Everything we do is based on our corporate Vision, Mission and Values. I would like to share with you now the Periowave™ Vision:

•             Periowave™ is the Standard of Care in every operatory

•             Periowave™ changes lives by improving overall health and well being

•             Periowave™ reinforces Photodynamic Therapy worldwide.

So just what has been happening at Periowave™? Here are some highlights of the past few months. Adoption of our new Hand Held Laser and Advanced Formula Treatment kits is going very well in Canada and Japan. We are working through the regulatory approval processes in other geographies to expand our global customer base of Periowave™. I am pleased to introduce Michelle Janke as the Periowave™ National Sales Director for Canada. Ms. Janke has over 15 years of sales, sales management and marketing experience in health care and pharma fields. Michelle’s mandate is to manage the sales team to fully reach the potential of Periowave™ and Photodynamics in the Canadian dental market and help instil the finest customer service in the industry. Ms. Janke’s appointment is a key element of the company’s new commercialization strategy. We have hired four Territory Managers within Canada to service our customers, grow our installed base of Periowave™ users and to increase the usage Periowave™ among our existing customer base. Please see Michelle’s previous blog post with the exciting news regarding our Canadian sales team.  Leanne Carlson has been appointed Periowave™ Clinical Training Manager and will be heading the RDH training program. In addition to her practice duties and the RDH program,   Leanne continues to lecture on behalf of Periowave™ and support our base of users. Read More

Periowave Launches New National Sales Force – “It Starts With Us”

Bye, bye, 2011! The New Year always evokes feelings of new beginnings and provides an opportunity for change. The same is true for PeriowaveTM in 2012. As we look ahead to 2012, I can’t help but be excited. This year marks definitive change for Periowave Dental Technologies Inc. and photodisinfection technology.

Over the last couple of years, PeriowaveTM has been relatively quiet in the marketplace. This year we are changing that. We have heard from our customers that although they like our technology, we need to get better. We need to get better at educating, training, promoting, and supporting not only our current customers, but those interested in offering this unique technology to their patients. Well, we have listened and we are doing something about it! I am very pleased to announce that as of January, we will be launching a brand new PeriowaveTM direct sales force. There are six dynamic and committed members of our sales team, all focused on raising the bar for PeriowaveTM and on our most important asset: our customers. Our mandate will be to provide exceptional service to our current customers as well as promote PeriowaveTM to future ones. I am confident that the changes we are embracing will translate into tangible benefits for all of you. We are looking forward to working hard in achieving that goal. It with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce our team: Read More

A Message About Gum Disease After Grandpa’s Open Heart Surgery

When I visited St. Paul’s recently after my grandpa had open heart surgery, I wasn’t expecting a lesson on oral hygiene and its link to heart disease.  I went in expecting to hear about the evils of fatty foods and red meat which are the more commonly accepted reasons for heart attacks.

After finally locating grandpa’s room, my sister and I sat down, tied the ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon to his chair and prepared to listen.  It turns out that open heart surgery is a look more intense than I ever expected.  I was stunned to learn that my grandpa’s surgeons had to actually break open his rib cage to access his heart.  This explained the presence of a small wrapped bag on his chest that he wasn’t allowed to take off.  He said that when he coughed it felt like his chest was going to pop open.  That was more than I needed to hear to know I was not interested in having open heart surgery and prevention was the way to go.

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Étude De Cas Periowave™ – Nous Rendre Visite Au JDIQ Pour En Savoir Plus

Inscrivez à votre agenda; Les Journées dentaires internationales du Québec (JDIQ) approchent! L’Equipe PeriowaveMC est excité d’être à la JDIQ le 30 et 31 mai, dans les kiosques # 1120,1122.  L’an dernier, Periowave Dental Technologies Inc a lancé avec succès le nouveau PeriowaveMC système de photodésinfection portatif. Le système a rendu la livraison de la thérapie plus commode, et il est  plus facile à utiliser et mettre en œuvre.

PeriowaveMC est une technologie rapide et indolore qui tue les bactéries associées aux maladies parodontales, sans favoriser la résistance aux antibiotiques. Il utilise une lumière laser non thermique combine à une solution photosensible pour détruire les bactéries et les molécules inflammatoires associées aux maladies. La destruction des bactéries arête la progression de la maladie, réduit l’inflammation et permet à la guérison de commencer. Voici une de nos nombreuses études de cas. Pour en savoir plus, s’il vous plaît visitez nos kiosques à la JDIQ.

à gauche: Poche de 5 mm avant le traitement. à droit: Poche de 5 mm réduite à 3 mm après le traitement

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Periowave™ Case Study #1 – Generalized Severe Bleeding On Probing

My patient was a 30-year-old Caucasian woman who complained of bleeding gums over the previous 12 months. She described severe bleeding with eating or brushing.

Her medical history revealed no significant findings. She had recently undergone a complete medical examination with extensive laboratory testing with no significant findings. She had tried seeing a naturopathic physician and had tried a non-yeast diet for the control of her gingival bleeding with no improvement. She was on no medications.

The dental examination revealed generalized severe bleeding on probing. Pocket probing depths were in the 4 mm range, except for a 7 mm pocket distofacial #13, and a 5 mm pocket mesiofacial #23. Minimal plaque deposits were found and her home care was good. This patient had a history of regular 6-month scaling and there was minimal calculus. Her last scaling was within one month with no improvement. There was little to no clinical inflammation. Occlusion, tooth position, and mobility patterns were normal. No restorative problems were noted.

Left: Pre-treatment 7mm pocket. Right: Post-treatment 3mm pocket

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