Canada’s McGill Dental Team Shines in Mexico

There are no words to express my pride for the extraordinary work of my fellow Canadians in Yucatan Mexico. Dr. Veronique Benhamou and her team of Canadians volunteer their time and the resources to help Mayan- speaking people from a remote part of Mexico receive the dental care they need.  In a matter of ten days more than 750 treatments were performed, generating more goodwill between Canadians and Mexicans than a bevy of international trade delegates.

The experience for all involved was beyond description and will rank as one of the highlights of our careers. The simple act of kindness and sharing of one’s time and skills can only be seen as generosity of spirit and has a far greater value than just the relieving of pain and the fixing of teeth.  The work is hard work…very hard work day after day, and represents respect and personal commitment to the well-being others.

The fact that our worlds are so different and our lives are filled with so much privilege and abundance gives meaning to those receiving the care. The people of Espita Mexico were very touched by the kindness in action of Dr. Benhamou’s team and are already counting on the return of the McGill team next year.

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