A Look Back at McGill’s ‘Kindness in Action’ Dental Mission

A blog by Patricia Martinez

Espita, Yucatán

It is the afternoon of January 28th. An amazing chapter in my life has concluded.

I think that from our arrival in Espita, all of those who integrated the team, were about to realize that we were going to be part of an adventure, but we weren´t aware of what this adventure would mean.

As I look back on my days in Espita, I realize that I had the opportunity to share experiences with people who gave themselves in a personal and professional way to their Mexican brothers.

By trying to support the cause, and without being a dentist, I decided to live the experience God, Espita and this amazing group of professionals gave me, at my fullest by sharing the opportunity to give myself in a region that I had never visited in my own country.

I am not very sure of the exact moment where I found out I was going to be part of the mission, but from the very beginning, I had a need to collaborate in such a noble project; I didn´t even know Dr. Veronique Benhamou, Dr. Gerard Melki or Dr. Bob Clark, but now that I know them, I know that I am very fortunate to have been able to live such a gratifying experience by their sides.

We had some time to visit some of the surroundings, to have fun, to eat delicious Mexican meals, and even to see typical regional dances performed by local kids in honor of our presence. This is where I can reflect on my arrival in Espita. “I’ve been witness of an endless exchange of smiles (that from now on will be a lot healthier), between the people in Espita, and the group of foreigners that are now more Mexican than Mole”. These two groups have been put together with the purpose, to learn from each other.

Thanks to all the people in Espita (Mr. and Mrs. Monforte, Mr. and Mrs. Erosa and Conchi) and the McGill University team (Daniel, Gabrielle, Leslie, Jessica, Hannah, Mike, Sina, Rachel, Laura, Gursandeep, Gerard, Veronique and Bob) that made this beautiful experience possible.

Now I am home, and I see my kids and with them, the opportunity to keep on giving myself for causes that don’t have to be personal, since I find, that in non-personal causes, I can find the inspiration that I didn’t have before my trip to Espita.

It was the afternoon of January 26th of this 2013. On the moment I got on the airplane to Cancún, I never imagined that this particular trip would last me a lifetime.

Read More About the Periowave Outreach Program in Mexico  HERE

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