A Gingivitis Case Study: Periowave

A recent case study using Periowave completed by Dr Robert Fortier, DDS Cert. Perio, Quebec

Patient Profile: 29-year old female, non-smoker, 7 months pregnant. Exhibiting pregnancy gingivitis with full-mouth gingival hyperplasia caused by combination of hormonal changes of pregnancy and anticoagulation therapy. Generalized 4-5 mm pockets with profuse bleeding on probing (Fig 1.1)

Treatment Protocol: Initial Periowave treatment: Full-mouth SRP and PW treatment was performed along with localized gingivectomy to remove gingival hyperplasia. Cessation of anticoagulant therapy at birth.

Second Periowave treatment: 10 months after initial PW treatment following full mouth debridement.

Result: 10 months after initial Periowave treatment: 8 months after birth and 1 month after cessation of breast feeding, restoration of oral health. Some 4-5 mm pockets with no BOP and reduced inflammation (Fig 1.2).

1 month after second Periowave treatment: Only 3 pockets of 4-5 mm on the lingual of teeth 46-47. All other areas healthy with 1-2 mm pockets (Fig 1.3).
Case and photos provided by: Dr Robert Fortier, DDS Cert. Perio, Quebec
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