Are your gums out to get you?

It seems that the root of all evil stems from the mouth; more specifically, the gums.

Over the years, periodontal disease has been linked to every thing from impotence, to heart disease, to cancer.

And now, far fetched as it may sound, gum disease may be linked to failed orthopedic implants. Yes, you read right – the implants used to rebuild your granny’s hip.

While you may be thinking: “Who on God’s green Earth decided to examine whether or not a person’s infected artificial knee was caused by their teeth?” – and you’d have a point – there’s actually a serious case to be made.

According to a study conducted by scientists at the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2007, bacteria that enter the bloodstream via the bleeding gums caused by periodontal disease can cause infections in artificial joints. These infections, as the study states “can be potentially devastating.”

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Mexican Association of Periodontology (AMP) Supports Lifechanging Dental Outreach Programs in Mexico

Thanks to the tremendous involvement of local officials and citizens, such as Espita Mayor Cap. Erosa and Sr Raul Monforte, the McGill’s ‘Kindness in Action’ dental mission led by Dr Veronique Benhamou was a great success. The mission was created to provide free dental services to the local people of Espita, Yucatan, many of whom had never before had access to a dentist.  Over 700 patients were treated over the 10 days in Espita, representing an excellent outcome from this collaboration.

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A Canadian Dental Team In Mexico: “Mission Possible”

Although we have been supporters of Dr Benhamou’s “Kindness in Action” efforts in Latin America, this was my first opportunity to join the team on location. The experience exceeded all of my expectations and I was so sad not to be able to stay until the very end. For anyone who ever thought about going on a medical or dental missions, my advice is to do it sooner rather than later. It is such an amazing way to see a new country and its people as you see it’s authentic and intimate sides unavailable to the regular tourist. While the Mayan ruins are impressive, the local people are genuine and very hospitable.

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Kindness In Action Indeed: Dental Mission To Mexico A Roaring Success

It was with great pride that I watched my fellow Canadians working so hard to help the native Mayans of the Yucatan village of Espita, Mexico receive the dental care they so badly needed. Under the “Kindness in Action” banner, this team from Montreal consisted of dentists and dental students, and was lead by Dr Veronique Benhamou, Head of the Periodontology Department of McGill University. Dr Benhamou not only led the mission, but also coordinated the many Canadian sponsors, both individuals and corporate, to ensure that the equipment and supplies needed for such a challenging mission were available.

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