Periowave’s Coming To Mexico!

Mexico has long since been one of my favourite countries due primarily to her warm and vibrant people. I have a history with business in Mexico going back over 20 years when I was a portfolio manager for a large Canadian bank. It was with great pleasure therefore that I attended the recent annual Mexican Periodontal Association Conference held in Guadalajara earlier this month.

The reason for my pride was that our Periowave Photodisinfection system had just been cleared by the Mexican regulatory authorities and Periowave was holding its first ever lecture workshops in Mexico at this annual conference for periodontal specialists. Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Nicolas Loebel, presented 5 lectures over the 3 days that we were there.

For me personally, it was hugely rewarding to see the impact on the level of interest by the attending clinicians who came poised with the anticipated questions related to scientific evidence, supporting clinical data and treatment protocols. For these clinicians, it was their first ever exposure to Photodisinfection, the antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) technology invented by Professor Michael Wilson at the Easton Dental Institute, University College London in the late 1980’s. Since his invention, Professor Wilson has published over 50 papers on Photodisinfection (aPDT) and Periowave has undertaken 5 clinical studies at 9 trial sites (mostly universities) involving over 300 patients, with more trials being underway. Combined with the case studies from leading Canadian clinicians over the past 6 years since Periowave has been in the market, there was a very strong case that was made for our minimally invasive, non-antibiotic approach to complex oral infections such as periodontal (gum) disease, peri-implantitis and endodontics. You can read some of our case studies here.

From this first introduction to the Mexican market, I am confidant that Photodisinfection technology will flourish. Mexicans have long been used to leap-frogging to the newest and best technologies. Periowave, with its excellent track record of safety and demonstrated superior efficacy, is bound to benefit from continued Mexican receptivity. Thank you Dra. Llamosa, former President of the Mexican Periodontal Association,  for your kind hospitality and generous support throughout this conference. Stay tuned for more updates!

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15 Responses to “Periowave’s Coming To Mexico!”

  1. Martha luz says:

    I am interested in the periowave and I want to know where a can to buy this product in mexico city (tampico, tams………….thanks

    • Hi Martha, thank you for your interest in Periowave. Paulina Salazar (, our Periowave representative in Mexico, will be in contact with you shortly.

      Clarence Chew
      604-669-0555 Ext 235

  2. Martha luz says:

    Donde puedo comprar el producto en mexico?

    Professor and chair at posgraduate program
    Periodontology, University Intercontinental
    AAP Member

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  5. Hello Roger,
    You let me know of your interest to have a clinic with your laser in TIJUANA. Let me know your plans so I can join your effort. As you know I am very interested in your laser and my research on disifection of dentinal surfaces.! I wait for your commentaries. By the way, what a great article!
    All best, Maite Moreno DDS, MS;

  6. sergio miravete cuevas says:

    i am interested in a quotation and a demostration

    • Hi Sergio, thank you for your interest in Periowave. Paulina Salazar (, our Periowave representative in Mexico, will be in contact with you shortly

      Clarence Chew
      604-669-0555 Ext 235

  7. maia filix martinez sanchez says:

    soy diavetica y ya perdi algunas piesaz dentalel y me interesa periowave dental

  8. Cate says:

    Is Periowave available in Canada and do you know how much it costs to have done



  10. Hortensia Estévez Floresf says:

    Si fueran tan amables, de indicarme en dónde se puede conseguir el producto, gracias

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