Periowave is live blogging from the 2012 Pacific Dental Conference!

6:03pm – And we’re done! Day 1 of the PDC is officially over and it was amazing. As exhausted as we are, the team had a fantastic day selling product, booking office visits, and educating dental professionals about PeriowaveTM. Now it’s time for us to head back to our hotel rooms, freshen up, and meet up later for a team-building dinner. Stay tuned to our blog tomorrow as we’ll bring you more updates live from day 2 of the PDC. A dentist told me there is an “Oxygen Bar” somewhere in the exhibit hall… I’ll have to find it tomorrow and post a pic.

Leanne and Maria pose at the end of day 1 of the PDC! Can't wait for tomorrow.

5:44pm – Only 15 mins to go! Day 1 of the PDC is winding down, but not before Leanne talks to more dentists about her implant case studies. It’s always interesting to see Leanne educate dentists about how they can improve their patient outcomes with PeriowaveTM. We’ve  just booked this gentleman in for a Lunch and Learn!

5:04pm – It’s been a busy two hours! We only have 30 more mins left till the end of the day. The PeriowaveTM team is as busy as ever talking to dental professionals, and our popcorn machine is in overdrive. People are now coming back for third helpings. Thankfully, we’re at a dental conference, so floss is readily available (go to the colgate booth!).

4:23pm – Leanne is working wonders. As an RDH for the past 30 years, hygienists naturally gravitate towards her. Here, she talks to a group of excited students from Vancouver Community College, they’ll be using PeriowaveTM as part of their curriculum this year!

3:13pm – The afternoon lectures are finished so I decided to sneak away from our booth to take this picture. Just take a look at the number of people coming down those escalators! There’s a rush of people ready to get back to the exhibit hall. I better run back to help out at the PeriowaveTM booth, we have some great PDC promos to share!

2:04pm – Every year, the PDC has a “Live Dentistry Stage” where they perform the latest dentistry procedures.  Here, a dentist and her staff perform implant surgery on a patient. This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

Live implant surgery demonstration

1:34pm – These people are late for their lectures!

Attendees grabbing popcorn just before they attend their lectures

1:24pm: Phew, that was a busy few hours. Traffic this morning to the PeriowaveTM booth has been phenomenal and we’ve had great discussions with lots of people. Lectures are about to start again. Many of the attendees are headed back to the auditoriums right now, but not before they stop by our booth for some extra popcorn.

12:58pm: Our popcorn machine has been a huge hit so far. Between Leonie and myself, we’ve managed to burn ourselves 6 times. No worries though, the delicious smell of freshly baked butter popcorn throughout the convention center has made it totally worthwhile!

30 seconds before Leonie burns herself on the popcorn machine... 🙂

12:06pm: Maria is busy placing orders with customers. Great job. Not to mention, she’s doing all of this while 27 weeks pregnant! The morning has proven to be very busy for us.

11:48am: Interest in PeriowaveTM at the PDC is very high! Our booth is packed with people eager to hear more about PeriowaveTM and Photodisinfection. We have some fantastic PDC promotions that many people are taking advantage of. I can tell this is going to be a great PDC for the PeriowaveTM team!

People waiting in line to talk to the Periowave Team!

11:06am – Dr. Freedman’s lecture was brilliant! After an intense morning of learning, everyone is starving. Just take a look at those escalators, there’s more than 10,000 people coming down them looking for food. Thankfully, the PeriowaveTM team came prepared with our very own popcorn machine! Leonie and I have been busy popping buckets and buckets of kernels for everyone.

There's 10,000+ people coming down to the exhibit hall...

10:28am: We’re in Dr. George Freedman’s lecture right now. The room is packed, he’s had a fantastic turnout. Here, he describes proper PeriowaveTM technique. It’s always fascinating to hear KOLs speak about PeriowaveTM, especially if they are as world-renowned as Dr. Freedman. Can’t wait to see his wife, Dr. Fay Goldstep, talk about PeriowaveTM in her lecture tomorrow morning.

Dr. George Freedman lecturing on "Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry" to a packed room

9:46am: Leanne’s only been here for 10 minutes, and she is already busy presenting her case studies to dentists. Those before/after images up on our booth is actually one of her patients.

Leanne discussing her case studies with Dr. Fay Goldstep

9:34am: Leanne has finally arrived! After a cancelled connecting flight in Edmonton, she’s finally made it. Being a hygienist for the last 30 years, Leanne will be a huge asset to us at the PDC.

Leanne Carlson, Periowave Clinical Training Manager, finally arrives at the PDC. She even brought us five bags of home-made cookies.

8:30am: We’re here live-blogging at the Pacific Dental Conference 2012! The Vancouver Convention Center is buzzing with excitement, and we’re expecting more than 12,000 dental professionals to attend. Our updated booth looks great, and we’ve staffed it with some of our best people. If you’re at the PDC, swing by and say hi to the PeriowaveTM team. We’ll be bringing you live updates over the course of the next two days, so stay tuned to our blog!

From left: Leonie Markhorst (Marketing Coordinator), Maria Castro (Customer Care Manager), Linda O Connor (BC Territory Manager)

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