Day 2: Periowave Live-Blogging From The 2012 Pacific Dental Conference!

5:31pm: And that’s a wrap!!! We did it!  This years PDC has been our best performance yet. We convinced a whole lot of people of the value of PeriowaveTM and how it will help their patients. We had a blast doing it too. Thank you to everyone for reading our live-blog. The PDC has officially come to a close and the PeriowaveTM team had an amazing time. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back again next time at the JDIQ. Until then, to get more updates from the team, don’t forget to visit this blog and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages too. Have a great night!!

The Periowave Team had a blast at the PDC! From Left: Peter Geimer, Linda O'Connor, Maria Castro, Leonie Markhorst, Kristine McKinnon, Tom Dawson. Absent: Michelle Janke and Leanne Carlson (they're on a flight back home!)

5:25pm: 5 mins to go!!! Maria is busy filling out orders.

5:20pm: 10 mins left!! Maria is busy talking about our great PDC promotions.

5:15pm: 15 mins left! Linda is busy talking about PeriowaveTM protocol.

5:05pm: Tik tok. 25 mins left to go!  People are coming back for final questions and to place orders. Glad they’re here to take advantage of our great PDC promotions!

4:44pm: 45 mins left! We have to say goodbye to Leanne. She’s off to catch her plane back home to Regina. She’s done a phenomenal job here at the PDC. Her PeriowaveTM implant cases are very impressive, especially the one where her patient manages to grow back bone! Hopefully she’s not booked on a cancelled flight again like last time….

Leanne is off to catch her flight back to Regina. Safe travels and thanks for the cookies!

3:38pm: We’re busy again – getting leads, closing deals, and booking visits with dental practices and schools. There’s only a few more hours left till the end of a fantastic tradeshow. Maria is busy discussing our case studies and publications with a group of young dentists. It’s great that we have Leanne here, since many of these case studies were done by her!

Maria discusses Leanne's case studies with a group of dentists

3:04pm: The PDC 2012 lectures have ended. This can only mean one thing – thousands of people rushing to see the booths one last time. Better get back to help out the PeriowaveTM team!

Thousands of people rushing to the exhibit hall one last time before the PDC ends

2:49pm: We’re back at our booth. Tom, Linda and Leanne meet right before the final wave of people arrive. Only ten more minutes till they’re here! The show has been going great for us. Next time we’re back, we’ve decided to do live PeriowaveTM demonstrations at our booth to let people try our handheld lasers themselves. Cool eh?

The Periowave team brainstorms ideas just before the exhibit hall gets busy.

2:28pm: We stumbled upon Sinclair’s booth and they have a brilliant idea – tooth whitening by donation. All proceeds go towards the BC Cancer Society. Great concept for a great cause!

Tooth whitening by donation. Great idea Sinclair!

2:13pm: Walking the floor of the PDC is always a lot of fun. There’s so many great booths and concepts out there to enjoy. Below are pictures of me catching Maria having fun at the Listerine Booth!

Left: Maria taking pictures at the Listerine booth. Right: Getting caught!!!

1:52pm: We found the Oxygen Bar, and as promised, here’s a pic! They gave us four different flavours – eucalyptus, pomegranate, mint (my favourite), and coconut (Leonie’s favourite). Fun fact according to the host: the first Oxygen Bar in the world opened in Toronto way back in 1996.

Leonie and myself at the Oxygen Bar. Are you supposed to feel different afterwards?

1:43pm: I almost forgot we’re holding a contest too! Send us your best PeriowaveTM case study and you+your friend can find yourselves sipping MaiTais in beautiful Hawaii. We’re including a week long hotel stay at a beautiful resort + $1,000 in spending money. Check out sample case studies and contest details @ What are you waiting for? Submit your entries today!

We're giving away a dream trip for two to Hawaii. Submit your Periowave case studies today!

1:34pm: Break time! The final round of lectures have started, so Leonie and I decided to take this opportunity to check out the rest of the exhibit floor. There’s lots of contests taking place at the PDC. The best by far is by Henry Schein. Can’t believe they’re giving away a Harley Davidson!?! Sign me up.

Henry Schein gives away a Harley Davidson at the PDC. Sign me up!

1:02pm: It’s been quite a hectic day! We’ve talked to boatloads of people about PeriowaveTM, and a lot of them are very excited to use it on their implant and endodontic patients. We’ll be following up with them soon with proper protocol statements. This will be to ensure they are achieving the best results possible with their patients!

12:23pm: I heard that this year has been the most attended PDC ever, with more than 12,500 people present. Congratulations to the PDC committee on an amazing job putting this event on. Well done! It must take a lot of coordination and planning to feed so many people.

Attendees grabbing lunch after a busy morning of lectures. Great job to the PDC committee on organizing this brilliant tradeshow.

11:32am – Our booth is as busy as ever. Our location is perfect and traffic so far has been phenomenal. Even though our popcorn machine isn’t with us today, people are still lining up to get to our booth.

11:04am– Dr. Goldstep’s lecture was great. People are headed towards the exhibit hall right now and from what we can see from this image, it is already packed.

The exhibit hall is packed w/ more than 10,000 people.

9:49am: We’re inside Dr Fay Goldstep’s lecture right now and she’s talking about PeriowaveTM! Many people don’t realize that setting up and maintaining the handheld laser is just as important as proper technique. It’s great to have Dr. Goldstep reiterate this point right here!

We're in Dr. Goldstep's lecture "What Patients Want… What Dentists Want: Easy Healthy Dentistry!"

8:48am: We’re back live at PDC! Yesterday was epic, and the team can’t wait to see what today will bring. We’re very excited to meet and talk to all of you about PeriowaveTM. Stay tuned as we post updates LIVE from day 2 of the PDC – the biggest dental conference on the west coast!

We're back for day 2! From left: Maria Castro (Customer Care Manager), Tom Dawson (Our President!), Linda O'Connor (BC Territory Manager), and Leanne Carlson (Clinical Training Manager).

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