Periowave Live Blogging From Japan: Opening Day Of Our Dental Clinical Institute in Tokyo!

12:00pm: Today is the opening of the Japanese Clinical Institute of Periowave (JCIP) and we are live-blogging! This milestone event has been organized by Mr. Hiro Kusumoto of Wavelengths, Inc. in Tokyo.  Wavelengths is the exclusive distribution partner of Periowave in Japan. Dr. Veronique Benhamou, Dr. Nick Loebel, and I came to Tokyo to speak today and support Kusumoto-san. Today’s event is expected to draw over 130 of the top clinicians in Japan and we are very excited to see the day progress.  The Tokyo Marathon will take place today as well, and over 35,000 runners are expected to participate.

Mr. Hiro Kusumoto pointing to the sign announcing the Japan Clinical Institute of Periowave on our way to the meeting room at the Imperial Hotel.

1:00pm: We have one hour left until the official opening of the JCIP. The set-up is complete and the speakers are now preparing for their talks. In addition to Dr. Benhamou and Dr. Loebel, five of the top clinicians in Japan who have been using PeriowaveTM with amazing outcomes have agreed to come to lecture at JCIP as well.

Speaker preparation at JCIP. Left to right: Dr. Onozato, Dr. Tanaka, Hiro Kusumoto, Yuko Takahashi, RDH, Dr. Tatsumi, Dr. Yoshino, Dr. Loebel, Dr. Benhamou.

2:00pm: Hiro Kusumoto officially opens the JCIP in front of a full room. The turnout is fantastic. The attendees are some of most prominent clinicians in Japan and have come here to learn more about PDT and PeriowaveTM.

The JCIP is filled to capacity here in the Ran room at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Interest in PDT and Periowave is high.

2:15pm: I have the honor to welcome these guests and the prominent group of speakers to the JCIP. I also want to thank Mr. Hiro Kusumoto for all the great work and detail that has gone into preparing for this inaugural JCIP meeting. The meeting preparation is impeccable! Today is also my opportunity to publicly recognize Hiro Kusumoto as the 2011 Distributor of the Year for all the amazing work he has done to promote PDT and Periowave in Japan.

Mr. Hiro Kusumoto awarded 2011 Periowave Distributor of the Year

2:45pm:The scientific and clinical lectures begin in earnest. Our guest speakers have come prepared to discuss the science of PDT, treatment protocols and clinical outcomes of Periowave. Everyone in attendance is excited to hear them speak.

Above: Our first lecturer is Dr. Motaki Onozato who will be presenting some of his cases using PeriowaveTM. Here he speaks to the anti-inflammatory effects using Periowaveand shows the endodontic treatments using PDT. These would be strong entries into our case study contest where we are giving away a trip for two to Vancouver and Whistler.

Above: After a very interesting presentation by Dr. Onozato, we have Dr. Masahiro Nakazawa presenting on the use of PeriowaveTM for periodontal disease and surgical site disinfection.

Above: Next, Dr. Tanaka presents her cases of periodontal disease and treating implants while providing pre and post treatment microbiology at the same time. It is fascinating to see the measurements of microbiology as an indicator of the efficacy of Periowave!

Above: Our next speaker is Dr. Toshiaki Yoshino who will be presenting on the mechanism of action of PDT. He lectures regularly on PDT when he is not practicing in his clinic. He uses Periowave in the treatment of periodontal disease, endodontics and peri-implantitis. Outcomes from using PDT are always fascinating to see across all indications! Periowave gets used a lot for the treatment of implantitis in Japan with very good results as shown by the clinicians. Dr. Yoshino is now an avid user of Periowave due to the clinical outcomes he and his staff have achieved.

4:00pm: It’s time for a break! The lecture series has been going very well. It is time to stretch our legs and get some tea or coffee.

4:10pm: And we’re back. Yuko Takahashi, RDH in Dr. Yoshino’s office opens the second half of the lectures and speaks about her experience using PeriowaveTM . The audience continues to be very engaged and interested.

4:15pm: Our next speaker is Dr. Junichi Tatsumi. He presents an academicians perspective on periodontal, peri-implantitis and PeriowaveTM. Metrics of efficacy are an important part of understanding our technology and it is important for clinicians to understand the data as well as the practical, clinical outcomes.

4:30pm: The lectures have been going incredibly well. To wrap things up, we have Dr. Veronique Benhamou of McGill University concluding the lectures by presenting some of her cases. She is respected world-wide and is now know as Benhamou-sensei. Benhamou-sensei shows her cases with PeriowaveTM as compared to SRP stressing the need for very thorough scaling. Her cases showing the improvements in tissue as well as her radiographs showing bone fill were eye openers for the attendees. She has prevented the need for surgery on a young patient of hers through the use of PeriowaveTM .

4:45pm: After an impecabble meeting, Dr. Yoshino presents some closing comments and the JCIP officially comes to a close. This was a fascinating day of being able to hear clinicians who are dedicated to providing the very best clinical outcomes for their patients. Seeing both the visible evidence and substantiating microbiological data is very encouraging to me and reinforces that our technology most definitely does change peoples lives for the better.

5:30pm: The reception is in full swing. The attendees are busy talking about what they saw and heard today and are enjoying some fantastic Japanese food and some good Saki.

7:00pm: We’ve had an incredible day, but all good things must come to an end. The Japanese Clinical Institute of PeriowaveTM is now officially open and we’ve spent the day hearing from some of top clinicians in Japan. Thank you for tuning into our blog. We promise to keep you posted on our progress in Japan. Until next time, さようなら!

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