Periowave Live Blogging From Japan: Opening Day Of Our Dental Clinical Institute in Tokyo!

12:00pm: Today is the opening of the Japanese Clinical Institute of Periowave (JCIP) and we are live-blogging! This milestone event has been organized by Mr. Hiro Kusumoto of Wavelengths, Inc. in Tokyo.  Wavelengths is the exclusive distribution partner of Periowave in Japan. Dr. Veronique Benhamou, Dr. Nick Loebel, and I came to Tokyo to speak today and support Kusumoto-san. Today’s event is expected to draw over 130 of the top clinicians in Japan and we are very excited to see the day progress.  The Tokyo Marathon will take place today as well, and over 35,000 runners are expected to participate. Read More

What Causes Bad Breath?

It’s estimated that 85% to 90% of cases of bad breath or halitosis are down to bacteria living in the mouth. Bacteria consume food left in the mouth and excrete waste products, some of which are sulfur compounds. These compounds, called volatile sulfur compounds by dentists, are usually the reason for bad breath.

However not all of the waste products are sulfurous, as some have their own highly individual smells. These create odours which can mimic the smell of rotting meat, or worse. This is not very nice, but luckily these waste products are generally present at low levels and cannot be easily detected until these levels become elevated.

These waste products are produced by anaerobic oral bacteria which thrive in oxygen depleted environments. Even a thin layer of dental plaque can create ideal conditions for anaerobic bacteria. Although anaerobic bacteria will make a meal of just about anything, they do prefer high protein foods, and the worst offenders for causing bad breath are meat and fish which are easily trapped in between teeth, as well as to a lesser extent, dairy foods, pulses, nuts and cereal grains. In fact, many of the ingredients in deserts can be surprisingly high in protein.

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Periowave™ On The Move In 2012

2012 begins with significant momentum for Periowave Dental Technologies, Inc. We have evolved and continue our commitment to superior customer care, innovation and expansion of Periowave™ and Photodynamics worldwide. We are re-organizing for a renewed global re-launch of Periowave™. Everything we do is based on our corporate Vision, Mission and Values. I would like to share with you now the Periowave™ Vision:

•             Periowave™ is the Standard of Care in every operatory

•             Periowave™ changes lives by improving overall health and well being

•             Periowave™ reinforces Photodynamic Therapy worldwide.

So just what has been happening at Periowave™? Here are some highlights of the past few months. Adoption of our new Hand Held Laser and Advanced Formula Treatment kits is going very well in Canada and Japan. We are working through the regulatory approval processes in other geographies to expand our global customer base of Periowave™. I am pleased to introduce Michelle Janke as the Periowave™ National Sales Director for Canada. Ms. Janke has over 15 years of sales, sales management and marketing experience in health care and pharma fields. Michelle’s mandate is to manage the sales team to fully reach the potential of Periowave™ and Photodynamics in the Canadian dental market and help instil the finest customer service in the industry. Ms. Janke’s appointment is a key element of the company’s new commercialization strategy. We have hired four Territory Managers within Canada to service our customers, grow our installed base of Periowave™ users and to increase the usage Periowave™ among our existing customer base. Please see Michelle’s previous blog post with the exciting news regarding our Canadian sales team.  Leanne Carlson has been appointed Periowave™ Clinical Training Manager and will be heading the RDH training program. In addition to her practice duties and the RDH program,   Leanne continues to lecture on behalf of Periowave™ and support our base of users. Read More

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