Periowave™ Case Study #3 – Unsuccessful Prior Periodontal Therapy

Case Report
This is the case of a 52-year-old East Indian female who was on regular four-month maintenance following previous periodontal therapy. The patient had been treated three years prior for generalized severe periodontitis. The treatment at that time consisted of scaling and root planing, home care instructions, occlusal equilibration, and osseous surgery. The patient was in generally good health apart from high blood pressure, which was stable on lisinopril (Prinivil®) once a day. The dental examination showed a 6 mm inflamed bleeding pocket that was evident between 43 and 42 the rest of the mouth was healthy.

Periowave™ Treatment and Results

Scaling and root planing with local anesthesia was used to treat 43 and 42, with adjunctive treatment with Periowave following the scaling. The patient was out of the country after treatment for several months, but did return for a 12-week follow-up visit, at which time the pocket probing depth was reduced to 3 mm with no signs of inflammation

Left: Pre-treatment gingival inflammation near the pocket, Right: Post-treatment resolution of gingival inflammation

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  1. hi nice case and great results. thanks

  2. Dentist Cost says:

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