Periowave™ Case Study #1 – Generalized Severe Bleeding On Probing

My patient was a 30-year-old Caucasian woman who complained of bleeding gums over the previous 12 months. She described severe bleeding with eating or brushing.

Her medical history revealed no significant findings. She had recently undergone a complete medical examination with extensive laboratory testing with no significant findings. She had tried seeing a naturopathic physician and had tried a non-yeast diet for the control of her gingival bleeding with no improvement. She was on no medications.

The dental examination revealed generalized severe bleeding on probing. Pocket probing depths were in the 4 mm range, except for a 7 mm pocket distofacial #13, and a 5 mm pocket mesiofacial #23. Minimal plaque deposits were found and her home care was good. This patient had a history of regular 6-month scaling and there was minimal calculus. Her last scaling was within one month with no improvement. There was little to no clinical inflammation. Occlusion, tooth position, and mobility patterns were normal. No restorative problems were noted.

Left: Pre-treatment 7mm pocket. Right: Post-treatment 3mm pocket

Periowave™ Treatment and Results

Scaling and root planing were done in two sessions for the entire mouth utilizing ultrasonics and hand scaling. A local anesthetic was used for sites 13, 12, 22, and 23. The patient was instructed in the use of a manual soft-bristle toothbrush and the use of waxed dental floss.

The patient was monitored weekly over a period of six weeks. At the end of six weeks, there was a reduction of approximately 1 mm in both deep pocket probing sites. A single clinician did all the probing with a plastic probe. Little or no improvement in the bleeding was noted, however. The patient then agreed to treatment with PeriowaveTM .

All teeth were again scaled and root planed, and the entire mouth was treated with PeriowaveTM in two sessions, one day apart.

Within 1 week, all bleeding on probing ceased. The patient was monitored weekly for another six weeks with no recurrence of bleeding. Probing depths at sites 13, 12, 22 and 23 were reduced to 3 mm at 6 weeks .

Left: Pre-treatment 5mm pocket. Right: Post-treatment 3mm pocket

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3 Responses to “Periowave™ Case Study #1 – Generalized Severe Bleeding On Probing”

  1. Kinza says:

    I had similar results with periowave….an 8 mm pocket down to 3….my instructor could not believe it and said my findings were questionable. Although many sites treated with periowave had improved significantly, not all sites improved. I would definitely use the product again

  2. George says:

    I had it done with great results. How long will it stay?
    Deep pockets, 8 mm down to 4 no bleeding.

    • Hi George,

      The longevity of the treatment has many variables. My personal experience with my patients has ranged from re-treatments every year to never requiring treatment again. In this case, I suspect there may be no bone loss with the pocket depth reduction. With proper maintenance including brushing/flossing and regular scaling & root planing, re-treatment may only be necessary in the presence of inflammation and bleeding.

      Let me know if you had any other questions.

      Leanne Carlson, RDH & RDT

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