World Renowned Expert Professor Michael Wilson Speaking At Pacific Dental Conference

The world is forever indebted to heroes who devote their time towards improving the lives of others. Professor Michael Wilson is one such example of a true global hero who has spent the last 25 years conducting ground-breaking research that will save countless lives. We are proud to announce that Professor Wilson will be joining us on March 11th at the upcoming Pacific Dental Conference. He will be speaking in Room 302 from 8:30am-11:00am.

Professor Wilson is the pioneer of photodisinfection, a technology proven over decades of research to target and instantly destroy the microbes responsible for biofilm-associated infections. When you consider that up to 80% of human infections are in the biofilm format, you can then appreciate the value of Professor Wilson’s innovative work.

I have spent my career researching light-activated antimicrobial agents and their application to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. I am, therefore, very excited to be presenting at the Pacific Dental Conference which gives me the opportunity to share with you some of the highlights of my research.  One of the many serious problems confronting the world at present is the inexorable increase in the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant microbes.  Many medical professionals are extremely concerned that soon we will be confronted by infections against which all of our current antibiotics are ineffective – can you imagine living in a world like that? It is essential, therefore, that we develop novel approaches to killing microbes that can be used to prevent and treat infectious diseases.  One such approach is the use of light-activated antimicrobial agents (LAAAs).  As their name implies, these agents can kill microbes when activated by light of a suitable wavelength – this process is known as “photodisinfection.”  In my talk, I will concentrate on the use of LAAAs in the treatment of periodontitis as this is an intriguing infection and its successful treatment presents a number of interesting challenges to conventional treatment protocols.  I believe that the use of LAAAs for the prevention and treatment of periodontal and infectious diseases constitutes an exciting and robust platform technology, and I look forward to sharing my experience of this technology with you at the Pacific Dental Conference on March 11th.

Professor Wilson has published 308 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 233 conference abstracts and has co-edited or co-authored 29 books.  In recognition of his research achievements, he was awarded a DSc. Degree by the National University of Ireland and was appointed a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. His creation & development of a new approach to instantly eliminate Gram-negative pathogens without generating bacterial resistance can be seen as one of the most important contributions of the past century. There has simply not been an approach as effective and instantaneous developed to date that is as safe on human tissue as photodisinfection.

Professor Wilson’s 25 years of work has inspired the development of PeriowaveTM, a photodisinfection based product used to treat gum disease. As an adjunct to scaling and root planning, PeriowaveTM is a painless and non-invasive procedure that can significantly improve treatment outcomes. It is therefore with great pleasure that we sponsor Professor Wilson lecture at the Pacific Dental Conference. Please join us on March 11th at 8:30am in Room 302.

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