Periowave™ is Gaining Market Traction: More than 75,000 Treatments Performed

Since first being introduced into the Canadian market in 2006, Periowave™ has been making steady progress towards being integrated into the Canadian dental industry. More and more Canadian clinicians have come to depend on Periowave™ as a simple solution to complex infections and have come to trust Periowave™ as being safe, effective and easy to use.

The Periowave Photodisinfection Process

With both an immediate anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial impact, the Periowave™ Photodisinfection System offers immediate relief and clinically proven results unlike any other technology. From a patient’s perspective, the addition of Periowave™ to traditional therapy improves overall appearance and health of the tissue, and greatly reduces the bad breath and bleeding gums associated with gum disease. As a preventative measure, Periowave™ can help delay or remove the need for costly and painful surgery. If there is a unique value proposition to Periowave™, it is its proven clinical attachment capabilities that reduce the “long in the tooth” look that normally accompanies traditional scaling and root planing treatments, without the need for painful and costly soft tissue grafting, tissue charring thermal lasers or resistance forming antibiotics.

Step 1: Irrigate (above) Step2: Illuminate (below)

Key to the success of Periowave™ is our partnership philosophy with our clinicians, as we strongly believe in supporting our product with a high level of service and ongoing product training. We have learned that over-coming the usual barriers to change associated with new technology introductions can be achieved through intensive in-office product installation and training sessions. These in-office training sessions are conducted by practicing RDH’s, who are keen and regular users of Periowave™.

As clinicians become more experienced with Periowave™, they will see better and more consistent results. Confidence is established once clinicians learn both when and how to use Periowave™ and come to know what to expect from its use across different patients and different cases. Greater confidence and practice of technique has been noted to make a big difference in Periowave™ adoption, usage rates and patient results. Experience with patient selection, protocol and technique results in superior patient outcomes which have driven steadily increased Periowave™ usage. Our top users deploy Periowave™ on a daily basis, representing meaningful contributions to the clinic’s bottom line while satisfying their patient’s unmet needs.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing you to a series of case studies from a number of clinicians across Canada involving our Periowave™ Photodisinfection System. Our goal is to highlight successes from different clinicians to demonstrate the benefits of our technology in the dental clinic. Patient selection, as well as technique used, will be highlighted in case each. If you have any questions for us at any time, please contact us at: or call us at 1-866-669-0555 .

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